this bobby pin is like training wheels for hair

f21 necklace/shoes, gap scarf, urban jacket/shirt, AE jeans, h&m bag, REI watch

this is my face when e says "you wanna go to ikea?" do i?? you shoulda already been in the car 5 minutes ago in anticipation of my answer

i wore every different shade of green i had in my closet today. even my underwear are green. i conveniently did not include a picture of THAT though. and if you aren’t wearing green or did not consume green foods/beverages today or you don’t have a lot of money, i’m afraid we cannot be friends any longer. it’s in my friends with whitney handbook. the money thing may or may not be related to st patrick’s day but we’ll just pretend it is. i chose to stay home tonight and get drunk here so as not to throw up in public (so if there are any errors in this post, let’s just attribute it to that).  hopefully the rest of you can avoid throwing up in public too because it’s just awkward 🙂 on that note, have a happy and safe  st. patrick’s day!!


supa dupa fly

beanie/earrings/boots f21, sweater h&m, pants urban, top e's

ohhhh snap. guess who found the auto timer on her camera? THIS girl! am i proud? uh duh. i can barely function in the world of technology. my solution to most things technological is to come down with an iron fist! it doesn’t work out so well because my computer, phone, and camera are not easily intimidated. BUT, i win this one my friends. yes i do. it will probably make for some more amusing photos because i have to laugh at myself the whole time. i had a bunch of laughing pictures but strangely enough, you can see STRAIGHT up my nose in most of them. i decided to spare you guys that view. i just want everyone to know that i disapprove of this rain. it makes all my outfits quite boring and dark and i dislike that. i try to add a little pop of color where i can though; hence the earrings.  i was listening to missy elliot’s “the rain” while i was running this morning and i was trying to do the dance she does in her supa dupa fly hefty garbage bag. she has moves. i do not. i almost killed myself on the treadmil, much to the amusement of onlookers. i also listened to the unedited version of ll cool j’s “doin it.” ohhhh my word. have ya’ll heard that? i turned the volume down for fear that others might hear. i didnt change it though. that should tell you something about me.



necklace f21, shirt urban, sweater victoria's secret, skirt banana republic, boots bakers

so guys, remember when i said i was going to freak out about packing last minute? it so happened. i’ve gotten the tiniest amount of sleep ever in the last ten days and ohhhh you bet it shows. and my form of unpacking consists of wandering from room to room and deciding on a configuration of our stuff, only to change my mind which pretty much renders me totally useless. poor e is way more productive but it takes him twice as long to do things because he has to undo whatever ridiculousness i do. the only thing that i managed to effectively unpack was the closet and let me tell you i LOVE our closet. we found out whilst arranging it that e has more clothes than i do and he’s quite distraught about that. i helped him feel better by reminding him he has had MANY more years to accumulate clothes than i have 🙂 also, i promptly got online and bought more stuff to help balance out the scales. just kidding. i did that before, but we’ll pretend i did it to make him feel better. anyway, it had been so long since i posted that i forgot that the last post i was wearing pink. soooo, two pink posts in a row! since i’ve been working and living out of boxes, i’ve been wearing scrubs and sweats the last week and a half so i decided to go with a skirt today even though the weather is awful. i’m quite practical like that. this skirt was originally $90 at banana and i got it for $8. i love when that happens 🙂 apparently, nobody else wants to strap bright pink shiny material across their booty ( i came dangerously close to using a bad word there. must resist). i’m all for it though.


glasses/necklace/shirt f21, jeans abercrombie, shoes pac sun, purse h&m

i was freaking out over the second picture in this post because i look exactly like my mother. seeing it put me into a freaky time-warp/twilight zone. anyway, after i did my obligatory insomnia thing this morning (which consists of online shopping, drinking hot cocoa, and telling my cat to stop meowing), i was able to rest again! usually i am so high strung that i lay down and start getting palpitations because i’m not up doing all the things i should be doing. this morning i was like “hmmm, eff it” but with the REAL word instead of “eff.” that attitude is much more like my old, pre-nursing self. e and i went to a comic book convention thing today at some scottish hall. idk if we could get any more random than that. i have to tell you guys, my outift was seriously not appropriate for that. i should have worn some fox ears and a tail and fish nets. which i totally would have if i had known that was the dress code. i’m so down. alas, i got shunned by the other girly foxes/pokemon/x-women at this event. meh. after that, we shopped for gym clothes and got a costco hot dog. because those 2 things obviously go well together. on an outfit related note, i’m kind of liking pink/peach/coral/blush tones lately so i jumped on board with this all things neon trend with a slouchy hot pink paper thin tee. ❤ it.

on a steel horse i ride

hoodie, tank, sunglasses, head band f21, jeans hollister, shoes urban outfitters

after e took this last photo he says to me “ok got it! go go go!” we’re pretty much outlaws now. and we’re wanted. dead or alive. bon jovi would be proud. these shoes were another convenience buy and i am in love with them. so obnoxious and shiny and they make me want to click my heels together and say “there’s no place like home.” gotta have the purple glitter shoes to match the green glitter nails. that would be why the rest of my outfit is neutral toned. i didn’t want people to be so overwhelmed by my outfit that they couldn’t look directly at me. my general behavior/language makes people uncomfortable enough 🙂  i cannot explain to you how much i’m loving this weather! i told e “babe, i want to do something outside but i don’t know what. and something that involves booze.” i’m not really an alcoholic i swear. i’m just preparing for st patrick’s day because i think my irish side of the family would be upset if i had 2 beers and passed out. which is about where my tolerance is now. oh and it’s not your imagination. my hair is brown again. this time i’m going to try to keep it that way. only time will tell. stay tuned. i’m off to get into shenanigans now.

brazil butt lift

beanie cotton on, necklace urban, sweater and jacket h&m, jeans abercrombie, shoes forever 21

holy. cow. so it’s six months to our wedding and obviously, as you can see in the last picture, i’m trying to get my body wedding ready. i’m on a drink your calories diet. JUST kidding. kind of. anyway, so i ordered brazil butt lift from because i saw it on an infomercial at the wee hours of the morning during my work break one night. best. idea. ever. except i’ve been doing it 3 days and im still so sore i can barely walk. it’s great and horrible all at once 🙂 i love that the guy that made the videos flips back and forth between english and portuguese <3. and i’m completely not coordinated enough for the dance portion of the videos so i follow along until i get stuck and then i just hop around, wiggling my booty and generally spazzing out. it’s quite the production. also, we’ve packed a whole 11 boxes. hah. progress is being made. i have to go get my nails done and trust me, they will be st patrick’s day READY! i think my ancestors are going to be quite pleased.


earrings/shirt/pants urban, harness dorothy perkins, shoes steve madden

because i'm wearing a MUSCLE tee. hah! that's also my muscle face, obviously

listen people, i’m loving this weather. i’ve decided i will not be allowing it to get cold or rainy again. yesterday we spent the day eating mexican food and e taught me dirty words in chinese. because i don’t know enough in english. or spanish. or portugese. today is my sunday and e and i are going to partake in libations with my bff, then we are all going fake house shopping. well the houses won’t be fake but the fact that we want to buy them will be. i just like looking at fancy stuff that costs too much money to upkeep. today will also consist of once again shamelessly putting off packing for our upcoming move. i’m good at the whole procrastination thing. plus it’s too NICE to pack! i hope you guys know this means i will be FREAKING out about packing likeeee…the day before we move 🙂 it’s how i roll.