coat/purse f21, sweater target, shorts h&m, shoes target


beanie/glasses/sweater f21, giants tee nike

i was sick all week so going to the avengers last night and the giants game today were my first outings of the week and i am TIRED. i felt like an 80 year old lady when i asked e if we could go home tonight at like 8 :/ we did manage to make our way over to urban though which in case you couldn’t tell, it’s like one of the 4 stores i frequent. they were having a sale where you take an ADDITIONAL 50% off already reduced prices. i nearly hyperventilated. ok, i did hyperventilate a little bit. you could tell i was not on my a game though because i’ve been searching for a chambray button up (preferrably with snap buttons) and the EXACT shirt that i wanted was hanging on a rack at the end of my aisle. i eyed the shirt at the same time as this other girl and we both made a mad dash for it. times like these are the only time my fight or flight instinct kicks in and let me tell you, i’m a fighter not a flyer. today, however, was her lucky day and the shirt looked really cute on her. i hate her a little bit (a lot).