top aeropastale, bag and glasses f21, skirt american rag, sandals steve madden


i am portuguese and irish. let’s just say that i like to drink. i might be a cheap date, but dang it, i LIKE to drink! for example, i told e “hey let’s go wine tasting today!” which usually means jumping from winery to winery. not for me. for me it means going to one place and barely making it through their list. the guy pouring the wine tried to give me extra tastes and extra ports. i was like, i can hardly make it from my seat up to the bar without taking someone out with my rapidly depleting coordination. let me get out of here with my dignity, man! but yes i WILL take that chocolate that you recommend eating with the ports, thank you. i love the skirt that i wore today. i saw it while shopping for someone else and of course, i had to buy it for myself. i’m very giving that way. the material is just so comfortable and the pleats at the bottom make me happy because then it’s not your everyday maxi. and let me tell you guys, i just packed because i am going to disneyland this week! i realize i don’t have kids, nor am i a kid, NOR do i even like kids, but that’s besides the point. DISNEYLAND!