dress h&m

top boy meets girl, glasses/bag f21, hat/shoes h&m, jeans a&f



e and i had a very productive few days of drinking beer and soaking up sun. i’m quite happy about that because those are my favorite two activities behind eating and spending money. although we also did both of those, so i’m pretty much in heaven. in addition, i learned a yoga pose that is supposed to help you beat sugar cravings and you can bet that i was in that pose prettyyyyy much all day. success so far. i learned the pose from a yahoo news clip, which is obviously where i learn all my bits of extremely useful information. for example, i have bookmarked approximately one million healthy, quick recipes from there. i’ve never used them, but i think i’m headed in the right direction. so e and i spent today in santa cruz and it was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. which of course gives people license to wear ABSOLUTELY nothing. very good material for people watching. remember how i said i love big t-shirts, but they have to be unique? well, cue this tee. i’ve been eye-balling it on boy meets girl for sooooo long and i finally decided it must be mine. i LOVE it. so comfy and casual but still a little edgy. i also got the unparallel vest which i can’t wait to wear. so stay tuned, i know you all are riveted.