f21 glasses, necklace, jacket, urban tee

i'm eying those flowers because there was a family of bees plotting to kill me in there

shirt/shorts/shoes urban, bag and glasses f21


jumped on the straw hat band wagon. from h&m

i am STILL alive. not to worry. i have come to the realization that a) i don’t blog on work days because who honestly wants to see me in my scrubs and b) i hate blogging on ugly, windy, rainy days. i would much rather take pictures when i get to wear cute summery (read skanky) outfits. like this tshirt from urban. i’m all about baggy tees but they have to have something unique about them. for example, this one is acceptable because the back is ripped to shreds. i’m off to enjoy this weather (read take a nap with all the windows in the apartment open because the weather is PERFECT for that). hope you guys can do the same 🙂

ps. the first picture was taken before my unplanned hiatus. it was of me looking all pale and in an ugly rain coat that doesn’t really repel rain at all, no doubt rushing somewhere because i am late for EVERYTHING except work. i don’t mess around when it comes to saving people’s lives. that much.