h&m bobby pins/sweater/boots, UO top, a&f jeans

the hazards of auto picture taking

so today my bff and i are going to take a little peek to see if we can find some bridesmaids dresses. i’ve discovered that i’m much less a purposeful shopper and lean more towards recreational shopping. you know, retail therapy, spending money just for the fun of it, etc. when i have to shop for a specific thing like a birthday or a wedding or even a certain item, it stifles my creative juices (which sounds so wrong- but i said it nonetheless). however, i know that since i’m with t, we will have fun regardless of the universe trying to MAKE me buy something 🙂 also, i discovered this place in the mall yesterday (whilst shopping for recreation) and it’s called vitality bowl. it’s supposed to be good for you because it has acai berry or some bs, but all i know is it tastes amazing. like a little fruity dance party for your tongue. just thought i’d share. also, e and i had a couch delivered today since i stubbornly refused to move one more thing up to our third floor apartment. i’ve never had anything delivered but i don’t like it. first of all, i just kind of stand there stupidly while they haul furniture around. my instinct is to help but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of PAYING them to do it. second, i text my little brother (who is knowledgeable in all things related to money) to ask if i’m supposed to tip these poor guys and he replied conveniently 10 minutes after they left with a yes. oops! he usually says “hell no, it’s their job” whenever i ask if i’m supposed to tip people! tip karma is soooo gonna get me.  not that i get tips but somehow, some way, it’s gonna get me. so there’s that to look forward to.


oh ps, yes you almost always CAN see through my shirts. i’m a classy girl. and also, i am in love with sweaters with elbow patches. i find the elbow patches and the grandpa-ly color of this sweater to be a little irresistible.