f21 headband/necklace/hoodie/tank/jeans, h&m sweater, urban boots

e calls me a hippie baby when i wear this headband. or any headband similar to this for that matter. sometimes if i wear a headband like this that has flowers on it, he calls me a flower child. i think hippie baby is more appropriate. because i’m a hippie and i’m hippy. for the record, i know it still looks like a disaster zone in our apartment but it’s coming together. we do everything at our (my) speed. and i guess that speed happens to be slow right now. probably because it’s FREEZING outside and since i’m cold-blooded like a lizard, i slow down in this weather. just a guess. e calls me a lizard too sometimes. he calls me lots of things besides my given name, in case you were wondering. ps, that post-it on the closet door is a love note from me to e. yea, i’m romantic. don’t be jealous. i’ll leave you with this: “neptune you the motha-effin greatest. turn the music up in the headphones.”