fight or flight

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i was sick all week so going to the avengers last night and the giants game today were my first outings of the week and i am TIRED. i felt like an 80 year old lady when i asked e if we could go home tonight at like 8 :/ we did manage to make our way over to urban though which in case you couldn’t tell, it’s like one of the 4 stores i frequent. they were having a sale where you take an ADDITIONAL 50% off already reduced prices. i nearly hyperventilated. ok, i did hyperventilate a little bit. you could tell i was not on my a game though because i’ve been searching for a chambray button up (preferrably with snap buttons) and the EXACT shirt that i wanted was hanging on a rack at the end of my aisle. i eyed the shirt at the same time as this other girl and we both made a mad dash for it. times like these are the only time my fight or flight instinct kicks in and let me tell you, i’m a fighter not a flyer. today, however, was her lucky day and the shirt looked really cute on her. i hate her a little bit (a lot).


bikram yoga



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holy cow. i started doing bikram yoga again this week and let me tell you…it was an event. my first day back onto the mat was directly after i spent the weekend eating, drinking, and generally participating in all sorts of debauchery. the classes are 90 minutes long and i spent approximately 87 minutes just hoping and praying that i didn’t throw up. at one point, i think the instructor was seriously contemplating whether or not she was going to need to perform CPR on me. however, i survived and then went back because i enjoy inflicting pain upon myself. i LOVE trying to twist myself into a little pretzel shape while sweating out every ounce of water (okkkkk…beer) my body desperately tries to cling to. after the third class of the week, i think i will commit to an unlimited monthly membership. unlimited opportunities for fun. on another note, i love dr spencer reed from criminal minds. that awkward, nerdy little genius really lights my fire. i love the way he rambles. he’s also a model for aldo apparently. i know this because e had to stop me from licking a life sized poster of him last time we were in the store. no big deal. he probably would have saved us money if i had gotten us banned from the store for life. my bff t took my photos today. ❤ thanks t baby.


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i am portuguese and irish. let’s just say that i like to drink. i might be a cheap date, but dang it, i LIKE to drink! for example, i told e “hey let’s go wine tasting today!” which usually means jumping from winery to winery. not for me. for me it means going to one place and barely making it through their list. the guy pouring the wine tried to give me extra tastes and extra ports. i was like, i can hardly make it from my seat up to the bar without taking someone out with my rapidly depleting coordination. let me get out of here with my dignity, man! but yes i WILL take that chocolate that you recommend eating with the ports, thank you. i love the skirt that i wore today. i saw it while shopping for someone else and of course, i had to buy it for myself. i’m very giving that way. the material is just so comfortable and the pleats at the bottom make me happy because then it’s not your everyday maxi. and let me tell you guys, i just packed because i am going to disneyland this week! i realize i don’t have kids, nor am i a kid, NOR do i even like kids, but that’s besides the point. DISNEYLAND!

date night/beach day

dress h&m

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e and i had a very productive few days of drinking beer and soaking up sun. i’m quite happy about that because those are my favorite two activities behind eating and spending money. although we also did both of those, so i’m pretty much in heaven. in addition, i learned a yoga pose that is supposed to help you beat sugar cravings and you can bet that i was in that pose prettyyyyy much all day. success so far. i learned the pose from a yahoo news clip, which is obviously where i learn all my bits of extremely useful information. for example, i have bookmarked approximately one million healthy, quick recipes from there. i’ve never used them, but i think i’m headed in the right direction. so e and i spent today in santa cruz and it was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. which of course gives people license to wear ABSOLUTELY nothing. very good material for people watching. remember how i said i love big t-shirts, but they have to be unique? well, cue this tee. i’ve been eye-balling it on boy meets girl for sooooo long and i finally decided it must be mine. i LOVE it. so comfy and casual but still a little edgy. i also got the unparallel vest which i can’t wait to wear. so stay tuned, i know you all are riveted.


fair weather blogger

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i'm eying those flowers because there was a family of bees plotting to kill me in there

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jumped on the straw hat band wagon. from h&m

i am STILL alive. not to worry. i have come to the realization that a) i don’t blog on work days because who honestly wants to see me in my scrubs and b) i hate blogging on ugly, windy, rainy days. i would much rather take pictures when i get to wear cute summery (read skanky) outfits. like this tshirt from urban. i’m all about baggy tees but they have to have something unique about them. for example, this one is acceptable because the back is ripped to shreds. i’m off to enjoy this weather (read take a nap with all the windows in the apartment open because the weather is PERFECT for that). hope you guys can do the same 🙂

ps. the first picture was taken before my unplanned hiatus. it was of me looking all pale and in an ugly rain coat that doesn’t really repel rain at all, no doubt rushing somewhere because i am late for EVERYTHING except work. i don’t mess around when it comes to saving people’s lives. that much.


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the hazards of auto picture taking

so today my bff and i are going to take a little peek to see if we can find some bridesmaids dresses. i’ve discovered that i’m much less a purposeful shopper and lean more towards recreational shopping. you know, retail therapy, spending money just for the fun of it, etc. when i have to shop for a specific thing like a birthday or a wedding or even a certain item, it stifles my creative juices (which sounds so wrong- but i said it nonetheless). however, i know that since i’m with t, we will have fun regardless of the universe trying to MAKE me buy something 🙂 also, i discovered this place in the mall yesterday (whilst shopping for recreation) and it’s called vitality bowl. it’s supposed to be good for you because it has acai berry or some bs, but all i know is it tastes amazing. like a little fruity dance party for your tongue. just thought i’d share. also, e and i had a couch delivered today since i stubbornly refused to move one more thing up to our third floor apartment. i’ve never had anything delivered but i don’t like it. first of all, i just kind of stand there stupidly while they haul furniture around. my instinct is to help but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of PAYING them to do it. second, i text my little brother (who is knowledgeable in all things related to money) to ask if i’m supposed to tip these poor guys and he replied conveniently 10 minutes after they left with a yes. oops! he usually says “hell no, it’s their job” whenever i ask if i’m supposed to tip people! tip karma is soooo gonna get me.  not that i get tips but somehow, some way, it’s gonna get me. so there’s that to look forward to.


oh ps, yes you almost always CAN see through my shirts. i’m a classy girl. and also, i am in love with sweaters with elbow patches. i find the elbow patches and the grandpa-ly color of this sweater to be a little irresistible.

“hippie baby”

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e calls me a hippie baby when i wear this headband. or any headband similar to this for that matter. sometimes if i wear a headband like this that has flowers on it, he calls me a flower child. i think hippie baby is more appropriate. because i’m a hippie and i’m hippy. for the record, i know it still looks like a disaster zone in our apartment but it’s coming together. we do everything at our (my) speed. and i guess that speed happens to be slow right now. probably because it’s FREEZING outside and since i’m cold-blooded like a lizard, i slow down in this weather. just a guess. e calls me a lizard too sometimes. he calls me lots of things besides my given name, in case you were wondering. ps, that post-it on the closet door is a love note from me to e. yea, i’m romantic. don’t be jealous. i’ll leave you with this: “neptune you the motha-effin greatest. turn the music up in the headphones.”